Address by the President of the Republic, Mr Wavel Ramkalawan 22 November 2021

23 November 2021 | State House

Sisters and Brothers, People of Seychelles

I come before you to deliver a very short message.

As we all know the events which have happened this last week have brought about a lot of speculation and many rumours. I informed you in a press communiqué, last week, that the Anti-Corruption Commissioner had advised me that they had begun work in relation to the disappearance of the fifty million dollars several years ago, and through their investigation, had already arrested certain persons and that they had the intention of arresting more people.

During their investigation they also discovered certain arms and ammunition; the Police have obtained those arms and ammunition, and are conducting their own investigation.

Automatically, this has generated many rumours and a lot of speculation amongst our people and during this weekend I know that you have received all sorts of messages. I, too, have received these messages. It is for this reason that tonight, I want to tell you that there is no reason for people to be afraid and I request that all these rumours and speculation stop.

Seychellois sisters and brothers

Those speculations and rumours are not doing our country any good. There are certain people who, when they read these messages and hear those words, will live in fear.

Sisters and brothers

Do not let any such talk worry you. I come before you to tell you that our country has all the

necessary stability. There is no talk of coup d’etat, no plan for subversion and there is no plan for violence. Our country on the other hand is walking the path of peace, the road of prosperity and we are doing extremely well.

Therefore, I want to make an appeal to those people who are sowing such words to please stop.

Let us remember that our country Seychelles’ principle is Rule of Law, which means we operate in accordance with the law. I ask that we let all these institutions do their work in complete independence. It is not the people of Seychelles who will judge those people; it will be the Courts.  And everyone, even those who are arrested, have their rights under the law; they have their right to have their lawyers to defend them. So please let us let the various authorities do their work in a professional manner but also in a way that is proper, respecting the constitutional rights of all the different persons.

Therefore, tonight, there is no reason for us as a people to live in fear.  I, as the Head of State, can tell you that all is quiet in our country. So Seychellois Sisters and Brothers, let us continue to live in peace, let us continue to build our country and let us continue to live in harmony.

I wish you all a very good night and also a very good week and I pray that our country continues to know security, peace and prosperity.

Thank you very much and Good night.


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