Speech by President Danny Faure on the Occasion of the Banquet Hosted by H.E Mr Filipe Nyusi President of the Republic of Mozambique

21 May 2019 | Foreign Affairs


20 May 2019

It is my great privilege and honour to be present here today, in this beautiful country of Mozambique and to address each and every one of you, on this momentous occasion.

Today’s occasion allows me once again to express my sincere gratitude to the Government and the people of Mozambique for their warm welcome and generosity afforded to myself and my delegation since our arrival in Mozambique.

Seychelles and Mozambique, are not only connected by a vast ocean. The majority of us from Seychelles are blessed with ancestral blood links to Mozambique. In the faces, the warmth, the “joie-de-vivre” and the beauty of the people of this majestic land, we see our own people, our own beauty and importantly our own welcoming nature.

It is therefore quite understandable as to why we do not feel like outsiders in Mozambique, but rather as long lost cousins finally rejoicing in the house of our mother land, reminiscing of the courage and resilient spirit of our shared ancestors.

Over the years, we have rallied our efforts to reinforce the historical ties that bind us in our shared values and common ambitions. This year, we will celebrate the 36th anniversary since the establishment of official diplomatic ties. During these decades we have walked alongside each other as solid partners, speaking with one voice on issues that not only matter to us as African brothers, but of great concerns to the global community.

History will recall how both our countries together fought for self-determination. We also recall the memorable visit of the late President Samora Machel from the 17th to 19th of April 1982 to Seychelles. This was 37 years ago.

Our bilateral engagements have elevated our collaboration to greater heights as we continue to forge ahead on a path of developing and enforcing ties in fisheries, maritime security, culture, tourism and energy for the mutual benefits of our peoples.

Excellency, ladies and gentlemen, today we must also recognize and applaud Mozambique for its remarkable commitment towards the Blue Economy. The organization and hosting of the “Growing Blue: Sustainable and Shared Exploitation of the Oceans” Conference, signifies the firm devotion of Mozambique to promote this imperative notion and add greater impetus to our efforts to sustainably exploit our maritime resources, whilst also bring to light, other related issues like maritime crimes.

We are certain that this Conference will provide a unique platform for open frank dialogues, fruitful deliberations and the sharing of experiences and expertise on one of the most innovative concepts of our time.

Seychelles, strongly believes that we must continue to proceed on a path of conscious and mindful actions that serve to respect and protect our environment including our water and oceanic spaces.

Recently, we were all distraught to learn of the devastating impacts of two cyclones that ravaged this majestic land. As we came to terms with images of destructions and the tragic loss of many lives, we in Seychelles felt the pain of our Mozambican brothers and sisters. In our solidarity and support, we extended prayers and sympathy towards everyone affected by these incidents.

In the wake of such disasters, we are reminded of the painful results of climate change on us the countries that are the least responsible for this phenomenon.

Ladies and gentlemen, Seychelles is no stranger to the rage of Mother Nature, when climate change manifests in destructive calamities, leaving trails of devastation and lifelong traumatic memories. As a first hand witness to such frightening occurrences, Seychelles echoes its stance that all key global players must stand in unison with us the countries that are the most vulnerable to climate change and environmental degradation primarily due to the continuous damaging habits of some countries.

We must stand firm in our convictions to voice out our concerns and our hopes for a future where our children will not question our silence or inabilities to bring to the table tangible results and successful initiatives that curb the negative impacts of climate change. It is our responsibility as leaders, importantly as leaders of vulnerable African nations, to inspire our current and future generations to always stand in the path of righteousness and unity, so that together we will be prepared and resilient to fight for our dignified rights to live in harmony in an environment that allows for full enjoyment of our livelihood.

Excellencies, ladies and gentlemen, as we marvel in the picturesque natural beauty of Mozambique, we cannot avoid the sunshine smiles, the focus and the harmony of the Mozambican people. In your unity, you find your strength and in your strength you find your courage and in that courage, you find your determination to heal from these unprecedented disasters.

As we partake in the delights of this evening, deliberating and exchanging ideas and views, on different matters of mutual interest and concerns, let us also reflect on the dynamics of the ever changing global trends that are either positive or can impede on our efforts to achieve our shared visions and common ambitions.

In Seychelles, we have a saying “Linyon i fer lafors” (Unity is strength). A saying we can perhaps connect to the famed African proverb “sticks in a bundle are unbreakable”. As sticks in this bundle of friends, of visionaries, of leaders and of proud Africans, we must continue to strengthen each and every splinter of that bundle, so that together we may continue our journey as solid, equal, resilient and proud partners.

On that note, Your Excellency, allow me to congratulate you for all the efforts you have undertaken towards the securing of lasting peace for the Mozambican people. Through this visit, I have witnessed the true identity of the Mozambican people through your vibrant culture and way of life that echoes an abundance of pride and oneness: A oneness that secures a bright future, as it opens avenues for dialogue and the creation of prosperity for your people. I today applauded the parliamentarians for the warmth and togetherness that they also demonstrate, in this regard. As servants to democracy and leaders to our peoples, let me therefore further applaud you for your vision and leadership in carrying your country and people towards lasting peace, amidst the challenges of our times.

Excellency, ladies and gentlemen, as I reiterate on behalf of the Seychelles delegation our deep gratitude for the excellent preparation and hospitality afforded to us since our arrival in Mozambique and in reaffirming our solidarity in these trying moments, please allow me to raise my glass to the continuity of strong lasting friendships, the good health and well-being of our nations and to the great success of the upcoming “Growing Blue Conference”.

I thank you all for your kind attention.

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