National Statement By Mr. Danny Rollen Faure President of the Republic of Seychelleson the occasion of COP22/CMP12/CMA1 - High Level Segment

16 November 2016 | Climate Change

National Statement By Mr. Danny Rollen Faure President of the Republic of Seychelleson the occasion of COP22/CMP12/CMA1 - High Level Segment

Tuesday 15th November, 2016Marrakech, Morocco

His Majesty Mohamed VI King of the Kingdom of Morocco
The Secretary General of the United Nations
Heads of State and Government
Ladies and gentlemen

We are honoured to be present here today and join those who have already spoken before to thank the government and people of Morocco for their warm welcome and leadership position which they have espoused on climate change as epitomised by the manner in which these proceedings are being lead.

Like the many other Small Island Developing States which are represented at this most important conference, the Republic of Seychelles views climate change as an existential threat challenging all aspects of its chances for future survival.

This phenomenon is of grave concern particularly when considering territorial integrity, and the continued viability of the state. Moreover, the adverse effects of climate change undermines Seychelles’ efforts to fully achieve the sustainable development goals.

For the very first time in history, a new global Climate Change deal, giving renewed hope to the world has been reached. Ladies and Gentlemen, we find ourselves at a crossroads and cannot afford to renege on our collective commitment to travel the moral path for the sake of humanity.

Seychelles as a member of AOSIS is proud to have helped lead this effort, and the political momentum behind the agreement bodes well for its rapid implementation. This agreement unites the world in action on climate change and on the push for sustainable development and economic transformation. It calls for a paradigm shift as we move from negotiations to implementation under the Convention here  and call for enhanced and accelerated climate action by all in the lead-up to 2020 and beyond, provided that adequate means of implementation are made available to all.

So far the 0 billion a year by 2020 figure reaffirmed in Paris has yet to fully materialise and it still remains to be seen whether adaptation finance will be scaled up to the same levels provided for mitigation as promised.

Our focus is now on implementing the solutions that drive an inclusive green and blue economy, including renewable energy, green finance initiatives, and sustainability in all sectorsHowever, our job is far from complete, and the work to implement the Paris Agreement must be motivated by a renewed sense of urgency. We should take advantage of every opportunity available to accelerate progress here in Marrakesh as well as in 2017.

Today, I launch an appeal to the international community to make available funds for climate financing with increased accessibility for vulnerable Small Island States like Seychelles. This will allow for continued development of SIDS and the ability to aggressively transition to sustainable economies.

Seychelles would like to reiterate its conviction that inaction on climate change and a continue status quo is synonymous with condemning ourselves to a bleak fate. The impacts of a changing climate affects all nations large and small. Its nondiscriminatory nature affects all peoples; from Marrakech to Miami, from Port Victoria to Paris.

We cannot hide from its awesome impact nor be content with seeking development at its expense. We must err on the side of reason and morality and adopt principles of sustainability to ensure an equitable and viable future for the only home we have-our planet.

I, therefore, implore all Parties to rise to the occasion as well all form part of the same challenges that our planet faces; that of Climate Change and  Sustainable Development.

Together, we can deliver the promise of the Paris Agreement for future generations.

I thank you for your attention.

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