Speech of President James Alix Michel On the occasion of the 35th aniversary of our Independence 29th June, 2011

29 June 2011 | State House

Speech of President James Alix Michel On the occasion of the 35th aniversary of our Independence  29th June, 2011
Dear Seychellois brothers and sisters,
In another few hours, we are about to commemorate one of the most intense moments in the modern history of our country. It will be exactly 35 years since our motherland gained her sovereignty and her independence. The 29th of June reminds us all that we are all part of a marvellous country: Seychelles! Seychelles, with all its beauty, its diversity, its culture, its harmony. Seychelles, our only motherland!
On this day, the Seychellois people celebrate all the values that unify us as a nation. It is a proud day indeed because during these 35 years of our existence as a sovereign nation, we have overcome many obstacles, we have aimed far, and in spite of our limited resources we have achieved a lot. Our achievements are there to bear witness to the progress we have made, and we will continue to build on our accomplishments to create an even more prosperous and nurturing country for all its citizens; a society in which we will continue to build on our moral and spiritual values for the betterment of the Seychellois nation.
During these 35 years of independence, we have built a free and modern Seychelles. We have built a democracy that continues to evolve, but which is mature and free. We have built an economy that is solid and resilient in a turbulent world. We have built a society that looks ahead and is compassionate, a society that leaves no one behind and that gives the same opportunities to every Seychellois. During these 35 years, we have overcome the barriers of underdevelopment. We have overcome the class barriers. We have abolished inequality and injustice. We have built ‘A New Seychelles!’ I am sure that as our parents and grandparents see the fruits of their struggles, they are proud of their contribution to our fight for independence. On behalf of every Seychellois, I would like to thank them all. 
Today, our hearts are filled with patriotic fervour. Today, we are renewing our commitment to work hard together, for one Seychelles. For this ‘New Seychelles’. We have never been more ready.
What we have built together, the fruits of which we are enjoying, is due to our wise decisions, our programmes, our sweat beneath the tropical sun that we share. This independent Seychelles which makes us proud has been conceived and built by ourselves.
The progress we have made in education, health, housing, our tourism industry, our human resource development, the conservation of our environment, the protection we provide for our workers, and the care which we take of our elderly citizens and our youths have earned us the reputation of being one of the best countries to live in. This is our independent Seychelles!
Today, we are stronger and more resilient than ever before in our history. The world is encouraging us because everyone wants us to do even better. Our economic foundation is stronger following our reforms. Our economic growth is 5% per year. We are in a better position to face challenges. Our people are seeing the fruits of their hard work. It is for this reason that we have a get-up-and-strive generation of youngsters who are grabbing the opportunities we are constantly creating.
 After 35 years, we have matured. We have succeeded in our bid for freedom because of our unity, tolerance, love, patriotism, and most certainly, our hard work. Let us keep on cultivating these good values. We remain vigilant against negative influences that can affect our unity and harmony; influences that can destroy the very fabric of our society.

Our motherland is calling out to us. She is calling all her children to come together to build this ‘New Seychelles’.
Independence Day is dedicated to all our school children and students, our future leaders. Your athletic encounter this year is very special because it is practically on the eve of the 8th Indian Ocean Games which will be held on our soil in August. We are sure that through your determined performance, you will be giving us a preview of the Indian Ocean Games. Victory for your school, for your country: this is the true spirit of a strong Seychellois.
A wish you all happy Independence Day. May God continue to bless our beautiful country and our people.
Thank you.

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