Extraordinary Congress Of 'Parti Lepep’ Speech Of President James Alix Michel 16th August 2011

08 September 2011 | Politics

16th August 2011

Secretary General,
Members of the Central Committee,
Dear militants and supporters of 'Parti Lepep’,
My fellow Seychellois brothers and sisters,

Exactly four months ago, we were gathered in this very place, and you expressed your faith in me, by once more choosing me as your candidate for the presidential elections. And the Seychellois people have given me another mandate to lead our country and our nation. Together, we have brought forth, a huge victory for Seychelles. We will keep on bringing many more victories for Seychelles, as we did last week during the Indian Ocean Islands Games. The Indian Ocean games have illustrated clearly, the achievements of patriotism, unity and harmony. The games have shown what a unified people can accomplish. With patriotism, unity and harmony, we can move mountains. We can accomplish much. We can bring victory after victory. This is what Seychelles deserves. This is what 'Parti Lepep’, under my direction, will always strive to accomplish for Seychelles.

The next victory we will have is just ahead of us, in a few weeks, during the National Assembly elections. It is precisely for this reason that we have gathered; to approve the choice of candidates who will represent our party in the National Assembly elections.

You know very well what my position is on the National Assembly. I have always maintained that in order for our country to make any progress, the three state institutions - the Executive, the Judiciary and the Legislative - must function in a dynamic and harmonious manner. I have always maintained that we need a National Assembly that is serious and that works in the interest of the people; an assembly that criticizes when necessary, but at the same time, brings forth a valuable contribution to the reinforcement of our institutions and democratic values; an assembly that has the progress and wellbeing of our people at heart; an assembly that will continuously work towards reinforcing unity and harmony in our country.

My message to every Seychellois is clear: we need a new assembly for a new Seychelles ! We, 'Parti Lepep’, will give to the people of Seychelles, the new assembly that they deserve. All deputies of this new assembly will work hard for the 'New Seychelles’. They will assume their responsibilities in this new assembly. They will work with honesty and integrity, and in the interest and welfare of our people - not in their own interest and welfare. This is what the Seychellois people expect of them.

The representatives of 'Parti Lepep’ in the coming parliamentary elections are ready for the challenge. Before this can happen, however, the congress must approve their candidature. Some of the candidates have an abundance of experience of the National Assembly. They are veritable veterans! They will serve as mentors for those who are new. However, even those candidates who are standing for the first time have acquired a lot of hands-on experience in the field. They have already been prepared for the challenges that they will face. We of 'Parti Lepep’, have always been ready for all eventualities. This is part of our strength. We do not wait for the elections to get ready. We do not wait for the elections to work for our people. We have always been and will always be ready to work for the people.

All of you candidates have a formidable task ahead of you. First of all, you have to be elected or re-elected. Next, you have to work for the people in the new National Assembly. You must always remain at the disposition of the people. You must always remember that it is the people who elected you. It is the people who have put you in this position of power. As elected members of the National Assembly, you draw your power from the people. You may keep this position only as long as the people need you, only as long as you have the people’s confidence. I ask of you to remain humble. I ask of you to listen to the people. I ask of you to become true leaders. A real leader has qualities that distinguish him/her from those around him/her. However, you do not become a leader overnight. You have to cultivate and develop the qualities that you possess. Arrogance, indifference, lack of sincerity and lack of compassion are not the qualities that mark a true leader. You must continually be exemplary in your behaviour and actions. You must draw more people towards you by the examples that you give and your actions on the terrain. Do not make false promises that you cannot keep. However, if you do make a promise, make sure that you fulfil it. This is how you will deserve the respect and the confidence of the people. The people will thus accept to rally behind you because you will have shown your true value.

We are bringing about much victory in this 'New Seychelles’. I want you to become the instruments that will bring yet more victory for our democracy, for our development and the welfare of our people; and to bring about this victory, you have to work hard and remain connected to the people. This is what your mission is!

As for myself, I wish to reassure you of my full support. I will be there to help you, to give you guidance and support. I will be there for the people of Seychelles. I will be there as long as the people need me.

I am confident of another victory in the coming elections. The people will make their choice, and they will make a good choice. 'Parti Lepep’ will once again triumph. It will triumph because it is the only party that represents the people’s aspirations, the only party that represents progress and the future. 'Parti Lepep’ is the only party that can take the 'New Seychelles’ towards new horizons, towards yet more victories.

I wish you all good luck and success in the next National assembly elections.

Thank you.

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