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SIDS4: Seychelles President calls on SIDS to join as One Voice for the advancement Small Island States causes

Antigua and Barbuda, 28 May 2024:  Following the official opening ceremony of International Conference for Small Island Developing (SIDS4) held yesterday at the American University of Antigua, Conference Hall, the President of the Republic of Seychelles, Mr Wavel Ramkalawan, was the first Head of State to take the floor during the Heads of State and Government General Debate, Plenary segment of the conference.

Addressing the summit, President Ramkalawan stressed on the importance and urgency of the conference’s shared commitment to address pertinent challenges affecting small island nations. 

“Despite three decades of recognition of the special considerations deserved by SIDS, we face a complex web of interlinked issues, from climate change and rising sea levels to environmental degradation, devastating pandemics, geopolitical tensions, economic vulnerability, and sustainable development. The outcomes have spiraled into mounting debt levels and a dearth of capacity to invest in resilience and climate action, making the pursuit of enduring prosperity a daunting and seemingly unending endeavor” said President Ramkalawan.

Apart from highlighting the magnitude of the challenges SIDS face, the President elaborated on 5 key points on the SIDS4 conference theme  “Charting the Course Towards Resilient Prosperity” as examples of how Small Island States can unite as one voice.

These are: 1. The need to be united as SIDS, 2. Embracing and acknowledging  the uniqueness of the Island states, 3. The severity and urgency of the climate crisis, 4. The adoption of the Multi-dimentional Vulnerability Index and 5. SIDS must unite for the Loss and Damage Fund. 

He called on all SIDS "to be focused and determined as we chart the course ahead towards a more resilient, prosperous and sustainable future, embracing innovative solutions, nurturing international partnerships, and advocating for environmental conservation, whilst, remembering that tackling these challenges demands collective global action and a unified front."

I stress that Small Island Developing States have consistently played a constructive role in promoting harmony, peace, and environmental stewardship. Success hinges on the collective efforts of governments, the multilateral system, civil society, the private sector and youth, who deserve meaningful involvement in shaping their countries' futures. Collaboration, sharing best practices, and innovation are key to overcoming adversity and creating a brighter future and prosperity for all.

Let us seize this moment to establish fresh collaborations, share best practices, and chart a path towards a more sustainable and prosperous future for small island developing states. Let us draw inspiration from the resilience and resourcefulness of our people. Despite the daunting challenges ahead, I am confident that together, through collaborative efforts and a commitment to innovation, we can overcome adversity and create a brighter future for all,” concluded the President.

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