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President Ramkalawan meets Seychellois Community living in Greece

Athens, Greece 18 April 2024: Whilst in Athens, Greece attending the 9th Our Ocean Conference, President Wavel Ramkalawan also took the opportunity to meet with some of the members of the Seychellois community working and living in Greece.

The small gathering was held at the Seychelles Honourary Consul office in Athens, whereby the Seychellois present had the opportunity to meet and hold brief discussions with the Head of State. 
Addressing them, the President expressed pride in meeting them in Greece and shared with them some of the recent developments happening in Seychelles. 

"I am honoured to have met you all. It is always with a sense of great pride and pleasure that I meet with fellow Seychellois whenever I am on overseas mission. We are all Seychellois in whichever corner of the world we live in, and I am happy we had this chance to connect and exchange ideas" said President Ramkalawan. 

The members of Seychellois community living in Greece took opportunity to highlight some of the issues affecting them as Seychellois citizens living abroad. 

Matters raised included issues such as the renewal of passports, transition to the Bio-Metric System, housing and land applications, fares paid by foreign spouses when on holiday in Seychelles, as well as pension and retirement benefits. 

The discussions also revolved on how some of the Seychellois professionals who have garnered extensive experience in their respective fields could provide support and share their expertise and technical guidance to Seychelles. 
Present was the Honourary Consul for Seychelles in Athens, Greece Mr. Loucas Ellinas and General Secretary, Mr. Athanasios Bastsas.