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President Ramkalawan meets with members of the Seychellois community living in Italy

Rome, Italy 17 March 2024: Whilst in Rome for his private audience with the His Holiness Pope Francis and official visit at the Vatican, President Wavel Ramkalawan and the First Lady, Mrs Ramkalawan also hosted a gathering with members of the Seychellois community living in Italy yesterday evening.

The gathering was an opportunity for the President and the Minister for Foreign Affairs and Tourism to share an overview of recent developments in Seychelles and services available for Seychellois living abroad through the newly created Disapora Unit at the Department of Foreign Affairs.

Some of the Seychellois present were also able to raise challenges they encounter as Seychellois living in Italy whilst also taking the time to share with the Head of State fond memories of Seychelles, as well as some of their ideas and views for the future.

“Seychelles cares for all Seychellois, wherever you may be. There is no first class or second class Seychellois, but only Seychellois. This is why wherever I travel, I make it a must to meet the Seychellois community. Thank you for all the you do. Best wishes for you and your family as we continue to make Seychelles shine brightest,” said the President as words of encouragement.

Each family present was given a national flag and a Seychelles lapel pin.

The President is due to arrive in Seychelles on Monday morning.

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