The National Institute of Health and Social Studies officially re-opens

01 February 2023 | Health

The President of the Republic, Mr. Wavel Ramkalawan accompanied by Vice-President Ahmed Afif attended the official reopening of the National Institute of Health and Social Studies (NIHSS) at Mont Fleuri yesterday morning. The highlight of the event was the formal unveiling of the commemorative plaque by the President and the Minister for Health, Mrs. Peggy Vidot.

Built in 1970, the building has now been modernised comprising of nine classrooms, which includes two large ones and seven regular classes as well as other important facilities such as laboratories, and other office spaces.

During the opening ceremony, President Ramkalawan expressed his satisfaction upon the completion of the new NIHSS building and also conveyed sincere his gratitude towards Mr Vijay Patel for sponsoring the new building. He urged the current and future students of the institution to use these new facilities wisely and to maximise the learning opportunities. 

« To all our NIHSS Students present and future ones, this is your institution, take good care of it and make the most of your studies. I have no doubt that this new facility will provide a more conducive learning environment allowing you to be molded as the future health professionals of our country » said the President.

During his address, the President also laid emphasis on the progress made in the health sector despite various challenges. He further pledged the government's full support and commitment in working together for the betterment of the country's health services. 

On her part, on her personal behalf and that of the ministers responsible for education, for social affairs, and family affairs, on behalf of the parents, students, and staff of NIHSS, Minister Vidot thanked the Head of State and the Government as well as Mr. Vijay Patel for spearheading the completion of the renovation of the NIHSS building. She highlighted the importance of the Institute since its early days, what it has achieved and the enormous impact it has made on the lives of people. She reminded those involved in the running of the Institute of the tasks ahead and for citizens to also be responsible for their health.

“Let us remember all who have profoundly contributed and let the drive and spirit of those whose vision, unrelenting determination and commitment to educational excellence have made all of this possible, live on forever. As we celebrate what we have accomplished together. We must be mindful that after the celebration comes the hard work. Today is also a day for new beginnings. A day to look to the future and chart new paths. Health and health care are inalienable rights – yes, they are. But they also bestow upon all of us a duty to take full responsibility for our own health,” said the Minister. 

The ceremony also included blessing of the institution by Arch Deacon Father Danny Elizabeth and Father Gustav Lafortune representing SIFCO, and vote of Thanks by a 02nd year student. 

Also present this morning was the Designated Minister, Mr. Jean-François Ferrari, Ministers, Deputy Speaker of the National Assembly, Hon. Gervais Henrie, Members of the National Assembly, the Director of NIHSS, Mr. Ebrahim M. Ali, Principal Secretaries, Chief Executive Officers, Chairperson and Members of the National Institute of Health & the Social Services Board, students and other distinguished guests.

Currently, there are around 200 students following different courses at the NIHSS.

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