President Ramkalawan visits students at the Plaisance Primary School

09 July 2022 | Education

President Wavel Ramkalawan visited the Plaisance Primary School yesterday morning. His visit comes after the President received a letter from one of its P3 students; Raphael Mein requesting that he visit his school. President Ramkalawan was warmly welcomed at the school by pupils lining up from the main entrance. He was greeted by the Headteacher, Mrs. Therese Athanase, and Raphael who presented him with a bouquet of flowers.

The visited started with a brief tour of the school premised at key locations that needed to be brought to the attention of the Head of State. 

The delegation then proceeded to the main gathering area for the assembly where the school had organised a special programme that was animated by the students themselves, with songs, moutya dance, poems, and a short dialogue by two pupils on their roles and responsibilities as students.

Addressing the students and all those present, the President thanked them for welcoming him to their school and how happy he was to be among them following the letter from Raphael. He praised them for the talents they displayed through their animation and encouraged them to continue working hard at school.

“I was very touched when I read the letter from Raphael, thus the reason why I am visiting your school today. I am delighted to be here. Today you have shown me how talented you are through the songs, dance, and short dialogue. For this, I want to congratulate all of you. I want to commend the Head teacher and her team for the exceptional work they are doing and for how they have integrated our children with special needs into your school. To you dear students, I encourage you to concentrate on your education, you have our full support,” said the President in his remarks.

In her welcoming address, Mrs. Athanase thanked the President for visiting their school at the request of Raphael and that this shows his interest in the learning development of the children of Seychelles.

On his part, Raphael expressed his gratitude to President Ramkalawan for responding to his request and that teachers and pupils alike where honoured to receive you.

Before leaving the school, the President and his delegation visited Raphael's class as well as held a meeting with the school management. 

Also present for the visit yesterday morning was the Minister for Education, Dr. Justin Valentin, Leader of Government Business in the National Assembly, Hon. Bernard Georges, Member of the National Assembly for Plaisance, Hon. Richard Labrosse, Member of the National Assembly for Roche Caiman, Hon. Audrey Vidot, Principal Secretary for the Education Services Department, Ms. Merna Eulentin, Principal Secretary of the Education Sector Development Department, Mr. John Lesperance, and other guests.


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