President Ramkalawan assents to the Fair Trading Act 2022

13 June 2022 | Legal Affairs

The President of the Republic, Mr. Wavel Ramkalawan assented to the Fair Trading Act 2022 during a ceremony held at State House this afternoon. The signature was witnessed by the Attorney General, Mr. Frank Ally and the Chief Executive Officer of the Fair Trading Commission (FTC), Mr. Francis Lebon.

Taking into account various changes in the economic landscape and consumer behavior, the Cabinet of Ministers approved for the Commission to review and strengthen components of the then Fair Trading Commission Act 2009. The National Assembly approved the newly proposed FTC Act 2022 on the 25th of May.

During his statement before assenting to the Fair Trading Act 2022, President Ramkalawan commended the staff of the FTC for putting this new Act together and for their dedication over the years to serving their customers. He also expressed appreciation to other main stakeholders such the Attorney General’s Office and the National Assembly. 

“Now with this new Act, the Fair Trading Commission will now be in a better position to take necessary actions where required. The establishment of a new tribunal will reinforce the legal aspects where consumers will now be in a better position through the FTC to bring forward their complaints and where within the legal framework fix penalties can now be issued where applicable. I call upon our consumers who have any issues to come forward, and for those selling products or providing a service, to be honest and honour your contracts,” said President Ramkalawan.

Speaking to the local press after the ceremony, Mr. Lebon said that today is an important milestone for the Fair Trading Commission in view that with the creation of the tribunal it will enable them to take decisions within less period of time and action on enforcement more quickly.

“This new law is simpler to understand with more provisions that facilitate the work of FTC. It gives us more power to act in a more efficient manner for our consumers which were one of our weaknesses in the past. Now the enforcement officers and the investigators has more power under this new law that will allow them to perform their duties more efficiently. We are now more equipped to protect the rights of our consumers,” said Mr. Lebon.

Also present at State House for the ceremony was the Vice-President, Mr. Ahmed Afif, the Speaker of the National Assembly, Hon. Roger Mancienne, the Chief Justice, Justice Rony Govinden, Legal Councilor in the AG’s office, Mr. Victor Pool and the management team from the Fair Trading Commission.


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