President Ramkalawan condemns acts of vandalism at the Roman Catholic Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception

10 June 2022 | Religion

President Wavel Ramkalawan has strongly condemned and denounced the acts of vandalism which occurred at the Roman Catholic Immaculate Conception Cathedral. All statues and prayer stations of the cross have been destroyed.  In solidarity with the members of the Roman Catholic faith, the President accompanied by the Vice-President, Mr Ahmed Afif and some members of the Cabinet of Ministers paid a visit to the Cathedral this morning.

On behalf of the people of Seychelles and on his personal behalf, the Head of State personally conveyed his support and solidarity to the Roman Catholic Bishop, Alain Harel, Father David Alcindor and other members of the Catholic clergy.

“Today, in seeing the state of the Cathedral, I am saddened and appalled that such unacceptable acts have been committed. This is not only a crime against the church but a crime against the whole country, a crime against our very own harmonious culture of tolerance amongst our people. This is a place of worship where we raise our prayers to our creator, our children receive sacraments here, where we share solemn spiritual moments and where we come for consolation and support when our loved ones lives depart. The Government will provide all necessary support to the church during this difficult time to restore the building. As for those who have committed these acts, I pray they are freed from the hatred in their hearts and that they seek forgiveness with themselves and God. Let our country remain a place of peace and where religious tolerance reigns across our islands” said the President.

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