Seychelles ranked first in Africa on the Reporters without Borders (RSF) Freedom of the Press Index

03 May 2022 | State House

On the occasion of World Press Freedom day today May 3, President Wavel Ramkalawan has sent the following message:

"I wish to convey the country’s appreciation to all journalists and media houses for their hard work. Your efforts for the continued advancement of freedom of expression and in ensuring our population remains well informed plays a crucial role in the continued progress of the country. I urge all journalists to work impartially and to conduct their work based on the principles of truth, knowledge and education in order to allow our population to better understand the real issues around them.

During my address to commemorate 6 months in office on 26 April 2021, after Seychelles had progressed 11 points on the Reporters Without Borders (RSF) Freedom of the Press Index, I launched a challenge for us to move from the 52nd ranking to under 25 worldwide and also to become first in Africa.

I am proud to note that this target has not only been fulfilled but has even surpassed our expectations. For the first time ever, we are first in Africa and ranked 13th worldwide, ahead of France, United Kingdom, Germany, Switzerland, Australia and the United States. Seychelles has climbed 39 places.

The challenge today is for us to do even better. I call on more young people to take up the noble career of journalism and I encourage those already in the profession to give of their very best as they build the fourth pillar of our democracy. The freedom of the press accompanied by freedom of expression are two principles that will help Seychelles become a great democracy with accountability and good governance as key principles."

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