First Phase of the Results-Based Management Training Completed Successfully

13 April 2022 | Public Administration

Following the full rollout of the Result-Based Management (RBM) Framework in the Public Service on 23rd March, the Ministry of Finance, National Planning and Trade, and the Public Service Bureau in partnership with The Guy Morel Institute have been conducting a series of training sessions for all senior public officers. On the 11th of April, Senior Leaders, Heads of Departments, and Agencies under the Office of the President and the Office of the Vice-President portfolios attended Day 2 of their RBM training session held at the Guy Morel Institute.

The main aim of the training sessions is to stimulate discussion amongst Senior Public Officers for better synergies during the planning process. This will in return increase public sector efficiency to create the fiscal space required to deliver national priorities, enhance transparency, and maximise public sector effectiveness hence leading to high-quality services and improving government performance.

As the final group of public officers in Phase I completes the training this week, the next upcoming second phase will entail budget planning including monitoring for the implementation and the third phase will be the performance management system.

The Chief Secretary of the Public Service Bureau says she is extremely satisfied with the level of engagement and participation during the training sessions and is seeking to provide some departments with additional support in conceptualizing their plans. 

The trainings have been done for a total of eight groups of staff working in the following sectors: Education, Employment and Social Affairs, Local Government and Community Affairs, Internal Affairs, Transport, Health, Youth, Sports and Family, Fisheries, and the Blue Economy; Agriculture, Climate Change and Environment; Investment, Entrepreneurship and Industry; Lands and Housing; Finance, National Planning and Trade; President’s Office, Vice-President’s Office, Constitutionally appointed authorities and other statutory bodies.

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