A more effective Judicial System for Seychelles

08 April 2022 | Legal Affairs

During his address delivered during the swearing in of the new Justice of the Court of Appeal yesterday at State House, President Wavel Ramkalawan highlighted various key reforms that are being discussed to ensure a more effective judiciary.

Amongst these are:

1. The Judiciary Act that is being amended to provide for a bigger pool of Justices of Appeal on a different remuneration contract. This will ensure more cases are heard and the back log cleared.

2. Discussions are ongoing with the Chief Justice with the view of employing more magistrates to deal with the increasing number of cases and additional provisions for the creation of other tribunals such as the Fair Trading Tribunal and a Small Claims Tribunal.

3. With Cabinet approving a permanent Law Reform Commission that will continuously be looking laws passed and making recommendations for amendments another door will be opened for legal officers both retired and active to make a contribution in the judicial field.

President Ramkalawan stressed on the need for justice to be enjoyed by the population in a quick and effective manner.

He also made an appeal for young people to seize the opportunities available for a successful career in the Judiciary.


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