President Ramkalawan congratulates the Seychelles Expo 2020 Team upon winning Gold Award

31 March 2022 | State House

President Ramkalawan presented his heartiest congratulations to the Seychelles Expo 2020 team upon winning the Gold Award for Best Sustainable District Interior Design, announced yesterday evening in Dubai.

"As one of the smallest island nations participating in this event, this is truly a proud moment for our islands. On behalf of the Government and on my personal behalf I wish to express our sincere gratitude to the Seychelles Expo 2020 organising committee, artists, contributors, participants and our teams on the ground in Dubai who have throughout the months ensured our participation at this event is a success. This award is a culmination of your hard work and devotion, in not only showcasing the beauty and uniqueness of our country to the world but in also displaying how sustainability has been integrated into our way of life. Thank you all for raising our Seychelles flag the highest in yet another new international sphere. Once again Congratulations!”

To note that soon after Seychelles was awarded the gold medal, President Ramkalawan, who was in Dubai phoned Mr. Bresson to extend his congratulations and appreciation to the team.

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