Appointment of the Board of Seychelles Islands Foundation

15 March 2022 | Environment

 President Wavel Ramkalawan has announced the appointment of the new Board of the Seychelles Islands Foundation.

The Chairperson of the Board of the Foundation is Hon Bernard Georges.

The other Board Members are:

Mrs Marie-May Muzungaile                                Member

Mr Guy Esparon                                                    Member

Mr Bernard Jackson                                            Member

ColJean Attala                                                      Member         

Ms Sheriffa Morel                                                Member                                 

Mr Romano Laurence                                          Member                     

Ms Isabelle Ravinia                                               Member                     

Dr Lindsay Turnbull                                               Member

Sir Tim Smit                                                           Member         

Dr Anna Spenceley                                                Member

Prof Nick Graham                                                 Member

Mr Aurèle André                                                   Member

Mr Paul Rose                                                        Member

The Board Members have been appointed for a 3-year period effective from 21st February, 2022.   

President also thanked the out-going Board Members for the invaluable contributions made to the Seychelles Islands Foundation during their period of tenure in office.  

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