President meets with the Founder of the Mo Ibrahim Foundation

19 February 2022 | Foreign Affairs

President met with the founder of the Mo Ibrahim Foundation, Mr. Mohammed Ibrahim.  

Their dialogue centered on the operation of the foundation where they discussed new ideas and promising projects, the Ibrahim index of African Governance, the future of Africa-Europe relationship, access to vaccines and how Seychelles has excelled in this regards.

The two leaders shared views on African Leadership, Good Governance in Africa, in which the President highlighted the recent developments in Seychelles in the fight against corruption. He echoed that this should be an example for the African continent and that the continent should follow suit in the fight and eradication of the scourge of corruption. 

The president also informed Mr. Ibrahim of Seychelles recent changes, putting more focus on people centered development, where Seychellois is getting to know their worth, thus creating a sense of ownership, togetherness and inclusive development.

Economically, in the midst of the of the Covid-19 pandemic, Seychelles’ performance in terms of tourism is slowly improving, and the outlook is very promising.


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