President Wavel Ramkalawan welcomes Jean-Marc Hoareau following Acts of Bravery

02 June 2021 |

President Wavel Ramkalawan received Mr Jean-Marc Hoareau at State House yesterday morning, following his recent act of bravery which saved the life of a tourist.

The President expressed how honoured he was to have met Mr Hoareau to personally convey his appreciation for all the amazing contributions he has been making in his community.

“I was delighted to learn that one of our citizens has been highly active as an unofficial lifeguard in his home district of Baie Lazare. On behalf of the Government, the people of Seychelles and on my own behalf I wish to convey our profound appreciation to you for saving another tourist from drowning.

Very few people are willing to put their own lives in danger to save someone else, but on countless occasions, you actually took such risk.

Seychelles are immensely proud of your humbleness and readiness to assist others especially when another life is at stake. We are forever grateful for your contribution to your community and to the country. You are model citizen for our younger generation” said President Ramkalawan

During discussions, Mr Hoareau also shared with President Ramkalawan his plans for the future and potential projects in order to ensure he can continue providing regular support to his community and the country in general.


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