Courtesy call by the Executive Director of the African Development Bank (ADB)

07 April 2021 | Finance

The President of the Republic of Seychelles, President Wavel Ramkalawan, received the Executive Director of the African Development Bank (ADB) Mr Amos Kipronoh Cheptoo at State House, this morning. Mr Cheptoo is on an official consultative mission here in Seychelles.

President Ramkalawan thanked Mr Cheptoo for coming to Seychelles and for all the support ADB has continuously given to Seychelles. He commended on the strong relationship that exist between Seychelles and the African Development Bank and hope that Mr Cheptoo’s visit will boost further their cooperation.

“We are being forceful and taking tough decisions in order to have a resilient economy. I am sure that through the strong partnership we’ve always had with ADB, it will help us through our transition. On behalf of the government of Seychelles, I would like to thank the ADB for the 10 million dollars facility that was afforded to us at the height of the pandemic last year. I am happy to learn that a new line of facility is being discuss for Seychelles, one that will surely help the country as we pave the way to improve our economics’ stability within the months to come,” said the President.

On behalf of the ADB, Mr Cheptoo congratulated the President and his government for the smooth transition on winning the election, which has made it possible for political stability that has laid ahead solid foundation for economic development. He briefed the President on extensive meetings he has had so far with the Minister for Finance, Economic Planning and Trade as well as the Governor of Central Bank. Also, on how Seychelles can diversify its economy. He further expressed the bank’s commitment to support Seychelles with its aspirations especially now with the COVID-19 pandemic.

During their discussions, the President also shared with Mr Cheptoo progress made on the vaccination programme here in Seychelles, the economic situation since the opening of the country on the 25th March, emphasis being put on employment, reviewing of the welfare assistance, cutting down on the foreigners working in the country and other economic decisions taken so far by the government during its on-going restructuring and reform programme.

In an interview with the local press, Mr Cheptoo confirmed the relationship between Seychelles and ADB as “very strong and satisfactory” and that the bank has a clear plan to support the Government of Seychelles. During his visit, Mr Cheptoo will also be visiting some of the projects funded by the ADB.

Also present for the courtesy meeting this morning was the Vice-President Ahmed Afif, Minister for Finance, Economic Planning and Trade, Mr Naadir Hassan and the Governor of Central Bank, Ms Caroline Abel.



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