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Staying Connected With La Digue

During a visit to La Digue yesterday, President James Michel visited several families and community projects, as part of his efforts to remain connected with the people.

"I will continue to give special attention to La Digue and see the way that Government can assist in the development of the island. I visited several families and spoke to them about hopes, aspirations and their difficulties, as well as the projects that are being implemented for their welfare and wellbeing," said President Michel.

The President visited members of the families of the fishermen who were taken hostage by Somali pirates.

The President and his delegation also visited several projects for the construction of access roads, and were also briefed on plans for construction of housing units.

The President said that the la Digue Trust Fund, the l'Union Estate Board and the La Digue Development Board would be working together to develop a Master Plan for l'Union Estate.

"For example, L'Union Estate could have an artisanal village...where tourists would be able to buy local products and where Seychellois artisans can earn a living from their handicraft.... We need to maximise the profits that can be made there, and then this money can be invested in the development of La Digue," said the President.

President said that La Digue residents should be encouraged to participate in the development of their island, and that he hoped the three boards of the island would ensure that this happens.

President Michel was accompanied on his visit of la Digue by Minister for Community Development, Youth and Sport, Mr Vincent Meriton, the Chairperson of the La Digue Development Board, Mrs Monica Figaro, the Chairperson of the L'Union Estate, Mr Gregoire Payet and the Chairperson of the La Digue Trust Fund, Mrs Lise Bastienne, as well as the District Administrator Ms Barbara Barallon and the Member of the National Assembly for the Inner Islands, Ms Chantale Ghislain.