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Dr. Satyabhooshun Gupt Domah Reappointed As Justice Of Appeal

September 6 2011 -- Dr. Satyabhooshun Gupt Domah, a Justice of Appeal in the Seychelles Court of Appeal, has been sworn in for a second five-year term.

The ceremony took place in the presence of President James Michel, Vice-President- Danny Faure, the Speaker of the National Assembly-Dr. Patrick Herminie, the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court, Mr Frederick Egonda-Ntende, the President of the Court of Appeal, Mr Francis MacGregor, the Attorney General- Ronny Govinden, Justice of Appeal Mr Anthony Fernando and other senior officials in the Office of the President.

The re-appointment of Judge Domah is in accordance with Article 131(4) of the Constitution which provides for the appointment of a non-citizen as a Judge for a second term, in exceptional circumstances, and upon the recommendation of the Constitutional Appointments Authority (CAA).

The CAA noted Judge Domah's significant contribution to the good performance of the Seychelles Court of Appeal.  Apart from his extensive qualifications and experience, he was among very few judges familiar with the French civil law / Code Napoleon, which largely serves as the basis of the Seychelles Civil Code.

Judge Domah was also expected to play an instrumental role in capacity-building within the Seychelles Judiciary.
Furthermore, following the recent resignation of Justice of Appeal Mr Jacques Hodoul, it was important for the Court of Appeal to retain the services of such a well qualified and experienced judge familiar with the Seychelles legal and judiciary system.  
Dr. Satyabhooshun Gupt Domah is also a Supreme Court Judge in Mauritius, and an Associate Professor at the University of Mauritius.

In a press interview, Dr Domah said: "I am very thankful... I shall discharge my duties according to the oath I have taken, as I always have... my priority in my second mandate is to enhance the rule of law, to modernize the system, the ethics at all level to deal with the real issues of the modern society."

Justice of Appeal Domah has a Doctorate in Comparative Continental and Common Law from Aix- Marseille University- France. He has also published books and articles based on the Mauritian Legal System.