Seychellois Health Workers Doing The Best They Can

08 April 2011 |

April 8 2011 -- Here in the Ministry of Health we have competent professionals. This is what Vice-President Danny Faure said yesterday as he hailed health workers devotion during his tour of Seychelles Hospital, on Health Workers Day.

Seychellois health workers are doing the best they can and are offering quality service, despite the difficulties they are facing in their jobs.

VP Faure interacting with staff during his tour of the hospital yesterday

Vice-President Danny Faure made the statement after touring the Seychelles Hospital yesterday morning on the occasion of the International World Health Day, which is also the Health Workers Day in Seychelles.

"I would like to say that in spite of all the problems, here in the Ministry of Health we have competent professionals," he said.

"Even though you may have the best equipment in the world to work with, if there is no heart and compassion for the task at hand, you cannot provide a good service."
During his tour, Mr Faure had the chance to talk to the health workers on duty about their respective departments, wards and jobs.

"I have seen that the Ministry of Health has had some constraints to deal with, some of which are linked to the country's economic problems," he said.

However Mr Faure said the ministry has plans to improve its facilities as well as the service it offers.
"I have seen the various plans the ministry has for improvement, including renovation work, and I believe by the end of September we will see big improvements."

"I have concrete proof that the ministry of health has a plan and it knows what it wants to do - I can see the commitment to the direction it has taken," he said.

Other areas the Ministry of Health is improving is the lack of doctors working in the different health centres and not enough equipment - both of which should be dealt with by the end of September the latest.

"I would like to thank all of the ministry's workers for their sense of duty, compassion and their professionalism and good work they are doing," he said.

Mr Faure also congratulated them on the good team spirit they show when they are at work.
Minister Faure ended by appealing to people to live healthier lives as this would help greatly reduce the pressure on the local health system.

"We should also realise that our people's lifestyles have changed, with 12 percent of the budget being spent there - our health is our life after all," he said.

Also present during the tour yesterday were the Minister for Health Erna Athanasius, principal secretary Bernard Valentin, among other high officials.

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