President Urges Youth To Take Their Responsibility

17 March 2011 |

President James Michel has called on all young people to take their responsibility and use the opportunities available to them.

He was speaking to the media during the weekend after his visit to Baie Lazare, where he saw the many developments in the district that involve young people.

During his visit Mr Michel had the chance to talk to the youths of the district and see what they have achieved.

He said Seychelles offers a wider range of opportunities than ever before, and young people should use these to develop their potential.

There are not many countries that have such opportunities available for young people to develop as they can here, he added.

"Therefore, I am calling on all young people to take their studies seriously, to develop their potential, choose their career well as opportunities are there for them," said the President.

In this way, he said, we will have a stable society with a serious and hardworking group of young people who will work towards the development of the nation and not fall into delinquency and bad influences.


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