International Social Work Day

15 March 2011 |

March 15, 2011 - "On the occasion of World Social Work Day it gives me great pleasure to greet all social workers in Seychelles and to thank them for the work they do every day," President James Michel said in a message addressed tp social workers today. 

"In any society there are individuals and families who, for one reason or another, experience difficulties and hardships. Social workers are the people that a country or society entrusts with the important task of assisting the needy and helping them to find the solutions to get on with their lives. Social work is about problem solving and positive change. It is about helping people to develop their full potential and enriching their lives. It is about contributing to communities' efforts to improve the quality of life and relationships in their neighbourhoods for the good of all.   

"A number of social ills affect our society. Government ministries and agencies, the private sector and civil society must join forces to address them and promote social progress. Together we must ensure the social, cultural and spiritual development of our nation for it is as important as the economic development that we work so hard to achieve. 

"Social workers have a crucial role to play in this national effort. Social work is a noble profession and you, social workers, should be proud to have committed yourself to it. 

"This year's theme for Social Work Day is "Social Work Voices Responding to Global Crisis". Indeed the challenges are many, especially now as we face the global crises, but through innovative approaches, through working in partnership with others, through perseverance and care, you can make the difference for individuals, families and communities. 

"Through your continued dedication and service to others in your everyday work you contribute to many victories in the lives of people and, together with them, you win for Seychelles."

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