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EXPO 2020 Touches The Future Of Seychelles

March 12, 2011 -- Seychellois will be able to 'Touch the Future' in two weeks time as the Seychelles 2020 Expo will pave the way for the vision of the country as the Eco Capital of the world. 

The logo of the Expo, which has been launched on SBC television, with its slogan "Touch the Future", merges the importance of Ecology and Technology in the future lives of the Seychellois people. 
President Michel described his vision in his State-of-the-Nation Address in February as a vision for 'a better life and the wellbeing of all Seychellois' and has called on all Seychellois to participate in the realization of this vision.
Expo 2020 will be an opportunity for every Seychellois to have a taste of the future projects of the country, to see how they fit into the planning of new projects for technology, energy and housing for example, and also a showcase of the business opportunities of the next ten years.

In particular they will see how all the newly-reclaimed islands near Mahé and Praslin will be developed so as to create new investment and business and opportunities and well as a new living environment that retains the key Seychelles attributes of nature and culture.
 "As we aim for 2020, we are putting our efforts together to overcome another challenge, to enable us to become a nation of investors. We are investing in ourselves. We are investing in our children. We are investing in our victory - the victory of the Seychellois people," said President Michel.
Seychelles2020 Expo will be launched on Friday 25th March and will end on 6th April. 

The Expo 2020 will be an event which has never been seen before in Seychelles, with many interactive elements, to give a realistic sense of what the future will look like.
The main contact for information regarding EXPO 2020 is Gilbert Pool, the executive director, telephone 715331,  email: