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President Michel Visits Baie Lazare

March 12 2011 -- President James Michel visited the district of Baie Lazare this weekend, as part of a series of visits to various communities and businesses, in order to listen to people about their ideas and concerns in the social and economic development of their districts.

President Michel visited a small hotel, a tailoring workshop, a herbal medicine garden, a restaurant, a printing studio as well as several families in the Baie Lazare district.

President James Michel was accompanied by the Minister for Community Development, Youth and Sports Vincent Meriton, the Baie Lazare District Administrator, Trefle Revera, the Chief Executive Officer of the Housing Finance Company, Charles Bastienne, and the Chief Executive Officer of the Land Transport Agency, Gerard Hoareau.

"I am very pleased to see at Baie Lazare that many ordinary Seychellois have taken up opportunities in the tourism industry created by larger economic investments by the well-known brands for hotels. I have seen Maria's Rock Café, a Seychellois restaurant that is providing an authentic experience; it is a unique restaurant where tourists can appreciate the beauty of Creole cuisine and environment. The more Seychellois do this, the more wealth will be created for the country," said President Michel.

The President also visited Valmer Resort, where he was impressed to see the way that nature had been integrated in the design of the 22-room hotel, which is owned and staffed entirely by Seychellois. He also visited Pineapple Studios where he saw the printing process and jewellery making. 

" Baie Lazare is a district which has a lot of potential for development. Naturally residents of Baie Lazare feel that some things are missing in the district, and would like to see some more facilities... we are looking into creating a youth centre in the district, so that  young people have a place to meet and develop themselves. There are also some deficiencies at the housing estates, which we will address. The visit has helped to see what we can do as a government to improve the lives of the Baie Lazare residents and make it more vibrant."

The President said that the districts needed to work towards becoming more responsible for their social and economic activities, and that this would enable districts to have a sense of ownership.

" When you own something, and you participate, you feel you are part of the ideas and the action, and you feel more proud of it, and you work more to make sure it is works well. I think that what needs to be done nationally; to empower communities even more, so that they participate in the development of their district and overcome the obstacles they come across," said the President.
Following his visit to Baie Lazare, the President also made a brief visit to a few homes on the Ile Perseverance housing estates accompanied by Vice President Danny Faure, to meet with the first residents who recently moved in to their new homes.