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Sustainable living for nurturing nature

December 22, 2010 -- President James Michel visited the Department of Environment Open Day at the National Library  yesterday morning. The President was accompanied by Minister for Home Affairs, Environment and Transport Joel Morgan and the principal secretary for Environment Didier Dogley.

At the Open Day, the President witnessed the signing of the declaration of Recif island as Special Reserve, by Minister Morgan. Recif island is a 13.2 hectare granitic island found in the inner island group, east of Mahé.

"We are committed to preserving the  biodiversity of our islands. With the declaration of this latest nature reserve, we are coming close to meeting our 50% target, for making half of all Seychelles land area protected under law as nature reserve," said President Michel following the signing.

The President also spoke with staff of the Environment Department  about their work, the challenges they face in protecting and conserving Seychelles natural habitat.

 "The department of Environment is doing valuable work to show us how we need to change the way we live in order to be in harmony with nature. We need to promote sustainable living, this is the key to our survival in the future. The earth is our only home, and we must ensure that with economic development we promote a lifestyle that is eco-friendly, and that does not destroy our natural habitat, but instead compliments it and nurtures it ," said President Michel.
The President said the Department of Environment should intensify its public outreach and education programmes, to ensure that all Seychellois have access sustainable living information. 
"I congratulate the staff of the Department of Environment for their exemplary work in the realization of the open day," said President Michel.