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Police taking steps to improve, with challenges to overcome

December 16, 2010 -- President James Michel visited the Police Open Day at the Police Headquarters in Victoria this morning. The President was accompanied by Minister for Home Affairs, Environment and Transport Joel Morgan and Commissioner of Police Ernest Quatre, as well as other high ranking officers of the Police force.

The President spoke with officers about their work, the results they have achieved, as well as the constraints they are facing.

"There is a willingness to improve crime detection and prevention in the Police force, and steps have been taken in the right direction. However, there are still major challenges to overcome, such as lack of resources, training and incentives for staff," said President Michel.

The President said the Police should continue to engage the public in the work of the force, and make sure that other districts had access to learn more about this essential public service.

The President also noted that 2011 will have greater opportunities for professional development and better incentives for the police.

"The new scheme of service for the police will start next year and provide some new incentives for officers. The training for the Young Police Leaders is going well and other training opportunities will also be offered," said President Michel.