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"It is a good budget," says World Bank representative

December 9, 2010 -- The situation and talks between Seychelles and the World Bank are now very different from what they were before the reforms.

This was said by the country representative of the World Bank, Mr Constantine Chikosi, on Tuesday after meeting the Vice-President and Minister for Finance and Trade, Mr Danny Faure, at State House. 

He has hailed Seychelles' Budget 2011.

"I came to Seychelles to listen and learn more how the World Bank can better support Seychelles' priorities," he said.

Mr Chikosi said he told VP Faure that "we think it is a good budget because it maintains fiscal consolidation and creates space for the economy to withstand the possibility of any future shocks."

"The budget also balances growth-oriented policies and social programmes for Seychellois, carefully looking at vulnerable groups within the population," added Mr Chikosi.

He participated in the signing of an agreement for growth support.