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Negotiations started for Seychelles to join WTO

November 25, 2010 -- Vice-President Danny Faure led a delegation to Geneva, Switzerland, this week to present Seychelles' case for joining the World Trade Organisation (WTO).

"Negotiations started the moment I made my presentation," said the Vice-President upon his return to Seychelles yesterday.

Mr Faure said Seychelles' team is now carrying out bilateral talks with other members of the WTO at either their or our request.

"On Monday November 22 we had our first bilateral meeting with the European Commission, and on Tuesday we had another at the request of the United States," the Vice-President told the national media.

He said the first bilateral arrangement has been signed with the Sultanate of Oman, which is chairing the working party and also acting as Seychelles' in the accession process. A bilateral agreement has been signed between Seychelles and Oman on the basis of Seychelles' initial goods and services offer.

It is expected that Seychelles will join WTO by 2014.