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President sees Perseverance homes

Oct 15, 2010 -- Before the allocation of houses to families starts in December, President James Michel yesterday visited the estate under development at Perseverance.

The President said after that he is proud and happy to see the dream of a housing estate on Perseverance island starting to come true.

President Michel, Land Use and Housing Minister Jacquelin Dugasse, principal secretary Christian Lionnet and other government officials joined members of the public to visit the new units under construction, during an open day to mark Habitat Week.

Mr Michel said reclaiming the island cost a lot of money and drew criticism, but the investment is now proving to have been worthwhile.

The director-general for community development, Mr Dan Frichot, briefed the President about the landscaping of the place. The housing units are of two and three bedrooms.

"I see the project as a realization of a vision whose aim is to serve the people of Seychelles, which we did despite limited resources," said the President, adding that the housing estate will be the start of a new area of Victoria.

The construction of the houses slowed down because of the global financial crisis but the President pointed out that the government has done its best.

He disagreed with suggestions that the government is rushing to give out the houses because elections are around the corner, saying it is following its laid-out programme and will continue to do so even after the elections.

The open day was an occasion for the Public Utilities Corporation (PUC) and the National Energy Commission (NEC) to display ways to harness solar energy.