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Seychelles' investment forum in New York

September 24, 2010 -- Seychelles turned a challenge into an opportunity by its quick response to the world economic crisis, Vice-President and Finance Minister Danny Faure has said in New York.

He was addressing Seychelles' first international economic forum outside the country.

The meeting in New York on 22nd September was part of the ongoing efforts to make private sector overseas partners and potential investors aware of the openings available in Seychelles following the successful introduction of ground-breaking economic reforms in 2008.

VP Faure said in his speech: "As a country, Seychelles has seized the challenges placed before it by the world financial crisis and created the opportunity to restructure its economy much more competitively."

There were presentations by Mr Sinon, the Minister for Investment, Natural Resources and Industry, and backed by the chief executive of the Seychelles Investment Bureau, Mrs Sherin Renaud.

Representatives of the Central Bank of Seychelles, the Seychelles International Business Authority and Eden Island also made presentations.

The  Seychelles Investment Bureau will be organizing other forums around the world to tell potential investors of the opportunities available.

Seychelles' new consul general in California, Mr Justin Etzin, organized the forum in New York.

"Seychelles has a lot to offer, and we must tap into this potential to be able to deliver a better life for all our citizens. We need tyo continue to promote quality investment to pass on increased benefits to the Seychellois people," said VP Faure.

He noted that it is important in this time of increased global competition for Seychelles to be proactive and explain clearly to our potential investors what we can offer.