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St Louis Youth, Seize Opportunity For The Future

President James Michel has called on the youth of St. Louis to take every opportunity to develop themselves, find a good job, and work for their community, during a visit to the district of St. Louis this morning.

"I encourage you to develop yourselves, to undertake the training necessary so that you can embrace the potential of the new Seychelles we are creating, where young people have an important role to play," said President Michel during a meeting with the youth at the St Louis Community Centre.

The President participated in a discussion organised by Minister for Community Development, Youth and Sport, Mr. Vincent Meriton, and the Chief Executive Officer of the National Youth Council Ms. Edith Alexander.

The youth asked the President several questions about opportunities for employment and well as availability of land for housing. The President said that many young people from St. Louis had written to him about their ideas for business development as well as their aspirations.

The President also visited several homes, as well as small businesses at St Louis. The President toured the soft drink factory "Waterloo," and visited a printing business and a small craftwork business.

"I am encouraged to see the way people of St Louis have developed their small businesses. I think there is a necessity to see how we can help people who want to start their own business. We need to see that they get the necessary funds through the banks, and assist them to find the areas where they produce and sell their products," said President Michel.

The visit forms part of the President's programme to visit communities around the country.