Seychelles invited to chair meetings at world education forum

25 August 2010 |

August 25, 2010 -- Seychelles will play a key role in two meetings in Moscow next month during the world education forum.

Vice-President Danny Faure who met UNESCO (United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation) officials last week in Paris said Seychelles has been invited to chair two meetings at the forum.

He described the first UNESCO World Conference on Early Childhood and Education, to be held September 27-29, as very important occasion for Seychelles as it has been chosen to take on a leading role in the summit.

The first of the meetings Seychelles will chair -- the financial commission -- will look at various ways countries can improve their financial situation and will discuss strategies that can be adopted to support children around the world.
The second meeting is the international donors' conference. It will seek ways to raise funds to improve the plight of children.

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