New UNDP representative New UNDP representative

04 August 2010 |

August 4, 2010 -- The new United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) representative for Seychelles, Mrs Leyla Tegmo-Reddy, yesterday presented her credentials to President James Michel at State House.

She replaces Claudio Calderone.

She told the media after the ceremony that the UNDP would soon launch a new programme for Seychelles which the organisation's bodies working in the islands are looking forward to carrying out. This will be after consultations with local partners.

Mrs Tegmo-Reddy said Seychelles has done very well on all human development indicators, having achieved all the UN Millennium Development Goals (MDG), and it should now aim even  higher.

"Seychelles is doing very well on things like education and low infant mortality rate and many other areas, so I've suggested it may want to go beyond the MDGs," she said.

Seychelles and the UNDP enjoy cordial relations, noted Mrs Tegmo-Reddy.

Her talks with President Michel focused on the environment among "other things which are critical to the country, for example issues related to governance and piracy".

Mrs Tegmo-Reddy also called on Vice-President Danny Faure.

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