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Office of the President of The Republic of Seychelles


World Bank Support, Essential To Economic Reforms

July 14, 2010 -- President James Michel has met with the Executive Director of the World Bank, Dr. Toga McIntosh, and the Special Adviser to the Executive Director Mr. Peter Larose.

Dr. Toga McIntosh has represented Seychelles on the Board of the World Bank, and concludes his term in office in the near future.

"Dr. McIntosh has done a great deal of work to support the Seychelles for the economic reforms, and has given the World Bank Board a better understanding of the specificities of the Seychelles development challenges. We thank him for his excellent cooperation and dedicated work," said President Michel.

President Michel said that the support of the World Bank in the reform process is essential, and that Seychelles would continue to be on track in the remaining course of action for the programme.

Dr. McIntosh said that he was pleased with the progress Seychelles has made in its engagement with the World Bank, and that there were several projects under discussion. He also said the economic reforms in Seychelles are progressing well.

" All the indications are there... now we are discussing the agenda for concrete activities as we move forward... Progress has been made, but the biggest challenges is to keep it going, and complete the reforms," said Dr. McIntosh.