VP Faure looks at application of new customs reform strategy

14 July 2010 |

July 14, 2010 -- The Vice-President, Mr Danny Faure, yesterday visited the airport and port to see the progress in carrying out the newly approved customs reform strategy.

Mr Faure, who is also Minister for Finance and Trade, was accompanied by director general for strategic planning Rupert Simeon, director of public and policy affairs Alvin Laurence, revenue commissioner Jennifer Morel and assistant commissioner of customs Ronald Cafrine.

The aim of his visit was to see the progress in carrying out the newly approved customs reform strategy.

Mr Faure said the Customs Division should continue to find ways to improve its services by using new technologies and adopting international practices. He called for good communication strategies and team work to strengthen management and service delivery.  

As part of the reform Mr Faure will present a new Bill - the Seychelles Customs Management Bill - to the National Assembly in October to allow for the right platform to be set up to ease trade and Seychelles' accession to the World Trade Organisation.

A press release from the Ministry of Finance and Trade said almost 90% of goods imported were at a 0% rate of trade tax, and the goods and services tax imposed was only at 15%.

Mr Faure stressed that all importers should inform themselves on customs procedures and get advice when necessary. The Seychelles Revenue Commission, he said, will maintain an updated directory of all businesses in the country.

He also thanked the staff for all their hard work in taking the reform forward and embracing the change aimed at modernising Seychelles' economy.

In January this year Mr Faure visited the revenue commission following the introduction of five new taxation laws - the Business Tax Act, Revenue Administration Act, Revenue Commission Act, Excise Tax Act and Seychelles Business Number Act.

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