Message of Congratulation on U.S. Independence Day

04 July 2010 |

July 4, 2010 -- President James Michel sent a message of congratulation to President Barack Obama on the occasion of United States of American Independence Day on July 4.

President Michel said "on this auspicious occasion, the Seychellois nation joins you to celebrate freedom and prosperity".

The Seychellois Head of State added in his message: "Indeed, at international level our countries continue to share similar aspirations with regard to the creation of a more equitable and just world economic order, where individual countries can look upon each other as partners."

"I am convinced that our reciprocal commitments will take the bilateral relations between our two countries to a higher level.

"Allow me at this point to express the Seychelles government's deep appreciation for all the assistance extended to our country by your government and people. We are particularly grateful for the prompt manner in which you responded to our call for help in the aftermath of the piracy attacks on our sovereignty.

"Although geographically distant, we share a mutual desire to invest in our people and advance the ideals of peace and prosperity at international level. In order to build a bridge between continents, I look forward to meeting you at a time of your convenience in the future. I believe that our two peoples have many more ideas and experiences to share."

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