State House

Office of the President of The Republic of Seychelles


President Announces Cabinet Re-Shuffle

June 9, 2010 -- President James Michel last night  announced a Cabinet re-shuffle and ministerial restructuring following the retirement of the Vice-President Joseph Belmont at the end of June and the resignation of the Minister for Health and Social Development Marie-Pierre Lloyd.
The President has thanked his ministerial team for taking Seychelles through a landmark phase of its history in a spirit of unity and purpose.  He has said that the new Cabinet is constituted with the aim of further building on this sense of dynamism to take Seychelles to the next stage of its development. 
"The new team I am presenting to you today represents the continuation and reinforcement of the work we are doing to transform our country."
In accordance with the provisions of the Constitution, the President has submitted his nomination for the post of the new Vice president and his new Cabinet to the national Assembly for approval.
In the new organisation of his Cabinet, President Michel retains the portfolios of Defense, Legal Affairs and Information and also takes on the responsibility for Tourism as the Seychelles Tourism Board will be streamlined and restructured.
The President has nominated, current Designated Minister, Danny Faure as the new Vice-President, effective 1st July. 
The new Vice President will maintain his existing portfolio of Finance and Trade.  He will also be responsible for Public Administration and Information Communication Technology.
Minister Vincent Meriton has been nominated as the new Designated Minister, effective 1st July.  Minister Meriton will hold the portfolios of Community development, Youth and Sports.
Minister Jacquelin Dugasse heads the Ministry of Land Use and Housing.
A new Ministry of Home Affairs is being created to respond better to issues of national security.  The Ministry will include portfolios for the Police, Prisons and Internal Affairs and will coordinate efforts to defend against piracy.  Minister Joel Morgan will be responsible for the ministry and he will also retain the portfolios of Environment and Transport. 
Minister Bernard Shamlaye takes responsibility for the Ministry of Social Development and Culture.
Ms. Macsuzy Mondon is the new Minister for Education, Employment and Human Resources.
The President has appointed Mr. Jean-Paul Adam, who was the Secretary of State in the Office of the President, as the new Minister for Foreign Affairs. The former Principal Secretary for Foreign Affairs, Mr. Barry Faure, has been named the Secretary of State in the Office of the President.
The President is also creating a new ministry, the Ministry of Investment, Natural Resources and Industry which will be headed by Mr. Peter Sinon, who was recently an Executive Director of the African Development Bank.
Dr. Erna Athanasius is the new Minister for Health and Minister following the resignation of Minister Marie-Pierre Lloyd.
The new ministerial posts take effect as soon as they have been approved by the National Assembly.
The subsequent reorganisation of Departments and appointments of new CEOs will be announced after the Ministers have taken up their posts.
The President expressed his confidence that the new team will continue to live the values that will strengthen our country:
"This is a team that will continue to promote the values needed to take our country forward.  We must continue to work hard to be more productive.  We must always be at the service of our people.  We must always be responsible, resilient, and realistic.  We must always be ready to fix things where they are wrong, and continue to embellish and improve on those that are right.  We must always come together as a people and remain united." 
The proposed Cabinet:
President James Michel, Minister for Defence, Legal Affairs, Information, and Tourism.
Vice-President Danny Faure, Minister for Finance and Trade, Public Administration and Information Communication Technology.
Designated Minister Vincent Meriton, Minister for Community Development, Youth and Sport
Minister Jacquelin Dugasse, Minister for Land Use and Housing
Minister Joel Morgan, Minister for Home Affairs (Immigration, Prisons, Police), Environment and Transport
Minister Bernard Shamlaye, Minister for Social Development and Culture
Minister MacSuzy Mondon, Minister for Education, Employment and Human Resources
Minister Jean-Paul Adam, Minister for Foreign Affairs.
Minister Peter Sinon, Minister for Investment, Natural Resources and Industry
Minister Erna Athanasius, Minister for Health