Diplomatic spouses donate books to President's Village

21 May 2010 |

May 21, 2010 -- Members of the Diplomatic Spouses' Association donated a set of French books to the President's Village at Port Glaud on Wednesday. They were visiting the children's home to look at ways in which they can support such institutions in the country.

The visit follows a recent meeting with First Lady Nathalie Michel, who is also the chairperson of the Children's Homes Foundation (CHF).

During the visit, a set of French books was handed over to the CHF's chief executive Noella Gontier in the presence of the village manager Liz Englert.

On behalf of Mrs Michel, the CHF and the President's Village, Mrs Gontier thanked the association for its contribution.
She said this donation has come at an opportune time and is a plus for the home as it will help to promote reading among the children.

The donation of books was made possible through the embassy of the Sovereign Military Order of Malta in Reunion.

The spouses' group now plans to organise fundraising activities to help support specific causes at the village.

This was the association's first visit to this children's home, and members say they plan to visit other homes and make further donations.

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