President opens Seychelles pavilion at Shanghai Expo 2010

03 May 2010 |

May 3, 2010 -- President James Michel has opened the Seychelles Pavilion at the Shanghai World Expo 2010 with a call for a greater emphasis on a eco-friendly future where human development and nature are blended in harmony.
"I invite you to share the Seychelles 'exception'; to see how we can bring nature together with development and demonstrate how our people live in harmony with nature," said President Michel.
The President noted that the Expo theme 'Better city, better life' has opened a platform for dialogue on sustainable development and that Seychelles is deeply committed to this concept.
"The Earth is our only home, we must protect it. We believe that we do not own Nature but rather than we belong to Nature, and therefore in order to protect ourselves and future generations we must protect the Nature around us now."
President Michel also remarked that Seychelles had donated two giant land tortoises to the city of Shanghai and that they had become a major attraction which showed the uniqueness of Seychelles natural diversity.
" The land tortoises are an emblem of longevity and giving them to Shanghai is a sign of the longevity of the friendship between Seychelles sand China."
President Michel said that Seychelles participation in the Shanghai Expo is a source of pride for the people of Seychelles and that it demonstrates the solidarity of the Seychelles with China.
"China has always been a great friend of Seychelles and throughout the years Seychelles and China have shared many common goals and ideas. Seychelles participation in the Shanghai Expo is a chance for the rejuvenation of our relations and our friendship; to see how we can further enhance our relationship, and I think tourism offers a very unique way of translating this cooperation into people-to-people contact and development."
The President called for the establishment of air links between Seychelles and China, in order to develop concrete tourism opportunities for the benefit of the two countries.
"Seychelles can become a bridge linking China and Africa, bringing peoples together. We must work towards our common goals which are always underpinned by mutual cooperation and respect."
The Seychelles pavilion, with the theme "the Seychellois exception" is located in the centre of the Joint- Africa Pavilion of the World Expo, where an average of 20,000 visitors are expected every day with 60,000 maximum on the weekend.  The pavilion has a unique design, relying on the IT technologies and creative use of design and imagery, with a future-oriented image of Seychelles.
The Expo park received a total of 250,000 visitors on its first day of opening.

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