Lifting of import quota is for lowest possible prices

10 March 2010 |

March 10, 2010 -- The lifting of all import quotas on meat and eggs is to ensure people can buy the commodities at the lowest possible price, President James Michel has explained.

In his Meet the President broadcast at the weekend he said the move "will allow for more competition in this new liberalized environment, so as to give people the chance to buy meat and eggs at reasonable prices".

"We are doing whatever we can to ensure the Seychellois people can buy goods at the most reasonable prices possible," he pointed out.

The President said he recognizes the important role local farmers and producers of meat and eggs are playing to ensure national food security. But he also pointed out that the government has done a lot to help them in terms of concessions they have been given so they can stay in business and compete with imported products.

He added that the government will continue to do whatever it can to support local farmers and producers.

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