Launching of young leaders programmes for military and police

11 March 2010 |

March 11, 2010 -- Two young leaders programmes aimed at grooming determined young men and women in the military and police to bring more professionalism in the forces, were launched at State House yesterday.

The Commander-in-chief of the armed forces, President James A Michel, said at the ceremony that in his state-of-the-nation address he highlighted the desire of the Seychellois people to have a more professional and dependable police force.

"I am counting on the 26 young police leaders to take their force into a new era of professionalism," he said. He pointed out that there has been a shift in the types of criminal activity in the country, and now we are no longer outside the sphere of interest of those involved in trafficking dangerous drugs.

"This shift in modes of criminality needs to be accompanied by a shift in how we deal with such crimes," he said. The President called the police and the military the guardians of our freedom. He said the issue of piracy is also a threat, and we must be vigilant and ready to continue the fight to protect our resources and people.

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