Message of the President, His Excellency Mr Wavel Ramkalawan on 29 June 2023 on the occasion of the 47th anniversary of Independence Day of the Republic of Seychelles

29 June 2023 | State House

Seychellois Sisters and Brothers,

On the occasion of our Independence Day celebrations, I wish you all a happy National Day.

I pray that as a united and blessed nation, we continue to invoke the blessings of God Almighty upon our people and upon our country Seychelles.

47 years in the life of a country earns us the classification of a young nation. We are still taking note of all that surrounds us, we are planning, aspiring, and formulating the ideas that we hope will make us stand strong and truly breathe that pride as one people. Yes, we will make mistakes, but that's not what counts.

What is important is that when we fall, we find the courage to pick ourselves up, dust ourselves off and renew that determination to move forward. This is the Seychellois Creole spirit flowing in the veins of every Seychellois and that we also want to share with everyone we meet.

After holding the public meetings and the dialogue with residents in our 26 districts, I must say that I am really satisfied with the resilience and strength that our people show. This people has endured much but that has not broken its spirit to move forward. Citizens of Seychelles have faith and they believe that their situation can improve. Bravo, my Seychellois people! This is the spirit that will make us achieve our dreams and together move our country forward with a legitimate and deserved pride. Let's stay in the same team and we will taste victory together in the same team.

Precisely, during those public meetings, I was happy to see this new spirit of giving to build the communities rising amongst our people. Seychellois have always had a good heart, and I really appreciate that many of our people today are seeking what I can do for my community and my country.  We have seen, as the meetings were taking place, citizens who offered jobs to young people, residents who have given land to build a bus stop or even to build roads to unblock 50 plots of land to create a land bank, others are repairing the homes of some of the elderly or gifting music instruments for the development of our youth. The list is long, but it is encouraging. For all these really admirable acts, on behalf of the people of Seychelles, I want to say a big thank you. Let's continue to build our country with these really solid and durable blocks for a better tomorrow.

A lot of things are happening around us and we need to stay alert at all times. Every Seychellois must remain an active participant in this development. We must put the emphasis on our moral and community development as we look at our economic development and infrastructure. These two walk alongside each other and it is for this reason that we must not only look only on the material side, but also consider how we, as a people, develop the character, required and mature, that will make us cleave to that which will strengthen our morality, help us battle against the scourges and make our children and our generation continue to aspire to seek what is good and destroy what is bad.

Seychellois brothers and sisters, today it is important for us to pledge ourselves once more to eradicate the scourges such as alcohol, drugs, child abuse, domestic violence and evils in general. Let us not just observe passively when we see that which is wrong, but rather let's become an activist to destroy what is bad. Let's not just speak about drugs, for example, or allow children to be abused, but rather let us report it and find ways to protect all those who are more vulnerable than we are. If each among us does their part, our children and our community will live in more peace, joy and fraternity. We will know that each one of us is watching out for the other and this by itself will bring about greater security and trust for us as well.

We are working really hard to establish the appropriate infrastructure in our country. We are continuing to build houses for our families as more citizens receive a parcel of land to build their homes. It requires a lot of money, and that's why we need at all times to strengthen our economy. But if, instead of protecting the visitor who has spent a lot of money to pass his holidays in our country, we rob him while he is in his room or on the beach, we are doing only one thing: We are destroying our country and we are passing a death sentence on our children.

With respect to projects, we are not doing badly. With our own efforts and the assistance we receive from our friends, we are continuing to develop our country. We have opened new schools and blocks of flats. During this course of this week we will reopen the National Library, the new Baie Ste Anne market and La Gogue dam. Later this year, La Digue’s new hospital, St. Mary's Hospital, and the La Digue port will be inaugurated, while several other projects, such as the Kato Nwanr development at Baie Ste Anne, the Sewerage project on La Digue, the Baie Lazare clinic, the multi-storey carpark, Seychelles Hospital – which will include accommodation for families of patients from Praslin and La Digue, the widening of the road from Anse à La Mouche to Anse Royale will continue. New abbatoirs on Praslin and Mahé, the renovation of traditional buildings at Au Cap, the construction of the Victoria Waterfront and Beau Vallon projects, the construction of the SRC building and many others will start. We have seen the opening of Hotel Laïla this year - a Seychellois project, and before December three other large hotels will open. All this will help propel us forward, strengthen our economy and give comfort and employment to more people. Let's participate in the development of our country, and let us remain really attentive to everything that is happening around us. I am determined to bring Seychelles as far ahead and to as great a height as possible.

In this context, today I want to announce that the government has decided to build a new modern hospital. Our plan is to build this hospital at Mont Fleuri itself and the details will be provided later. We estimate that such a project can cost at least one billion rupees (SCR 1billion). I am launching an appeal, like when the first Victoria/Seychelles Hospital was built, for all of us to make a contribution. I invite all schools, workplaces, and all Seychellois to put boxes where people will be able to contribute, cent by cent. An account will be opened for this project and all the details will be furnished. If all goes well, we will be able to start this construction in 2024.

Two other large projects that we are already working on are a new airport and a new port. Plans are already being made and we are looking for appropriate funding. At the same time,  the Agricultural School, La Rosière school and La Digue school are being prepared for their opening. These are only a few projects, but there are many more which will help bring greater prosperity for our people and our nation. I am determined to ensure that everyone devotes all their energy and knowledge to the advancement of our country.

We should be proud for our beautiful country, Seychelles. This is our Seychelles, and each time we hear her mentioned, it should makes our hearts beat harder because we know that a Seychellois is doing well and has come first, we have risen another step higher, we are playing a leading role, and people are speaking well of us, tiny as we are. Right now, for example, we are at the highest level where the fight against human trafficking is concerned, on governance under the Mo Ibrahim Index we stand high too, same on democracy and on the protection of human rights we remain an example, while we stay a champion in environmental protection as a warrior in the fight on climate change.

The Seychellois are strong, Seychellois are intelligent. Let's continue to use everything we have to demonstrate our strength of spirit and develop our country so that we will leave a better Seychelles for the generations to come.

Seychellois sisters and brothers, today let us continue to celebrate our achievements. Let us, each one of us, find out what more we can do for our beautiful Seychelles.

Happy National Day and let us continue to ask our God to bless our country and our nation.





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