Message of the President on the occasion of Public Service Day 2023

22 June 2023 | Public Administration

Theme: Enhancing creativity, innovation, and transformation in the public service for effective service delivery

The  national theme for this year’s Public Service Day is ‘enhancing creativity, innovation, and transformation in the public service for effective service delivery.’

The Government adopted the Result-based Management (RBM) as the main vehicle that would catalyse a shift from the traditional public-sector management to a results-oriented management approach.  In the same breath in February 2022, the Department of Public Administration was transformed into the Public Service Bureau with the mandate of transforming the public service from being an administrator to becoming a regulator and to transform public service towards a performance and delivery culture.

Through this approach the Government would seek to capacity-build the whole of the public service to ensure traction of the Government’s vision towards a responsive, transparent, and accountable Public Service. In this endeavour we count on and trust our partners and other stakeholders for their support and commitment to the common vision of Government.

Creating a performance culture in the way we do things in the public service requires a systematic approach to managing the performance of organisations, teams, and individuals.  Leadership and discipline are the defining elements of that approach.  Leadership in high-performance cultures does not reside only at the top of the organisation. It must emerge from, and cascade down to those in customer-facing roles. Leadership must be combined with strategy; it must be ongoing, consistent, and grounded in on-the-job learning. It must be supported by formal learning and leadership initiatives. In this regard, with The Guy Morel Institute under the purview of the Bureau, we will strive to empower and support the public service through training and capacity building initiatives that should result in an overall improvement in the quality of our public service.

I want to urge all chief executives in the public service to be champions of this endeavour and to lead your respective teams towards achieving excellence in your everyday work. Let us be innovators in all that we strive to do with a view of improving the lives of all the citizens and creating a culture of service excellence.

To all public servants, the Government salutes your efforts and will continue to encourage you to do your best. We will continue to create an enabling environment to ensure that you deliver and guarantee your progress and development in your careers.

Happy public service day to all!!!

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