2022 Children's Day Message - International theme: “A better future for every child” - National Theme: Mon Fanmir, Mon Leker”, (My family, my heart)

01 June 2022 | Social Affairs

Today 1st of June marks the special occasion dedicated to the children of Seychelles.  As I reflect on the blessings bestowed on our country and nation, my heart goes out to all our children. My family joins me to wish you all a Happy Children’s Day.

The day should be an observance about how much children matter to us. Without children in our homes to hear their laughter, witness their joy, observe each development milestone, our lives would be dull and empty. Today, let us allow children to enjoy, to be happy and to have fun wherever they may be at home, in school settings or in institutions. Allow them the space to show their creativity and participate in age-appropriate activities amongst their peers and within the family.

Dear children, as you celebrate and enjoy your day, take time to appreciate the simple things of life and to say thank you to God for being alive, sparing us from calamities, thank your parents for the sacrifices they make and for their love and protection. Take time to appreciate yourself, your childhood years, and the opportunity to learn and grow up to develop your potential.

It is by appreciating the simple values of love, giving, caring and respect for yourself, your friends and others who maybe going through different experiences, that you develop the virtues to become a better person.

Children are at the centre of the national theme “My family: my heart”. There is no better place than being at home, feeling loved and secure with parents/family showering you with love and affection and doing their level best to protect you. I call on you dear children to appreciate your parents and adults who are there to support and guide you.

I will continue to ensure that the government continues to put in place the right policies and programmes to guarantee your rights and protection while promoting your wellbeing and integral development.

My message to the parents, a home is not a home without the laughter, cries and playfulness of children. Children are to be cherished and at the center of every decision that you make on their behalf. Let your heart beat for them, as they deserve the best that you can give them. I thank you all for taking support and compassion to love and care for children. Continue to play your safeguarding roles to keep them on the right track.

To our caregivers, educators and other key government agencies playing a leading role to safeguard and protect our children, I call on you to step up the effort to deliver at the highest level and not to allow anything to chance. Neglect and abuse of our children are still concerns and need to be curbed as the pain caused to children at a very young age can be very damaging in adult life.

They depend on you. Bring the synergy to have more prevention programmes to provide them with knowledge, social skills and resilience to protect themselves from what can be avoided. You have the duty of care as guardian of their childhood.

May God bless you all and keep you under his protection wherever you may be as you are all precious in his eyes.

Enjoy your special day.




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