Message on the occasion of Defence Forces Day by the President and Commander in Chief of Defence Forces, Mr Wavel Ramkalawan

25 November 2021 | Defence

Seychelles is celebrating its Forty-Fifth year of Independence this year. There is an atmosphere of celebration and achievement in our country as we slowly emerge from the effects of the Global Pandemic. It is during these momentous times that we are celebrating the Defence Forces Day 2021 on 25 November. On this occasion, I extend my warm greetings on behalf of the grateful nation to the brave soldiers, sailors and airmen of the Army, Coast Guard and Air Force of the Seychelles Defence Forces who are engaged in protecting the Nation.

I also extend my greetings to the brave Ex-Servicemen and women of the country on this auspicious occasion of Defence Forces Day 2021. We also honour the families of our devoted servicemen and servicewomen who have offered their dearest youths to the service of the Nation.

Seychelles is a peace-loving country and we often say that we are friends of all and enemies to none. However, protecting the integrity of the Nation is equally important. Therefore, we should all be prepared to maintain the sovereignty and integrity of our beloved Nation.

In order to march in this route and work for the greater prosperity of the country, it is necessary that all ranks of the Seychelles Defence Forces remain alert and aware in defending the nation wherever they are. The grateful Nation always appreciates your great deeds in serving the country while staying away from your family and relatives.

Dear soldiers, sailors, airmen and women, the scope of security challenges confronting our Nation is constantly changing in the rapidly evolving environment. Therefore, I call upon you to be prepared for any challenge that may come your way. I assure you that the Government is ready and will continue to always meet the needs of you and your loved ones. 

As I end, I wish once again to congratulate the Seychelles Defence Forces in their recent successful missions in the war against drugs and in your commitment in the fight against the COVID pandemic. The country looks up to you for further commitment.

Happy Defence Forces Day.

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