2021 Children’s Day Message - Theme: Children First: Safeguard and ensure their social well-being

31 May 2021 | Social Affairs

The 1st of June remains a special national event, dedicated to the children of Seychelles.

It is a day where homes and educational institutions would be buzzing with excitement as children impatiently look forward to celebrate their day. Unfortunately, and sadly, this is not the case again this year.

My dear children, the past two years, the Covid-19 pandemic has affected your lives, your studies and the joyous celebration you used to have. Amidst all this turmoil, you have had to adjust and adapt to the new normal. This has been quite difficult to understand especially for the younger ones. As you start this day, you need to spend time to reflect on the blessings and grace bestowed on you despite the difficult situation.

I call on you to make good use of all opportunities that come your way and take your studies seriously. You need to understand that the new normal dictates how you must co-exist within this new reality, on how you interact with your peers and relatives. The digital interface has become the means of communication and transference of knowledge for learning to take place. However, you need to be mindful of the dangers of losing yourselves in the unknown world of technology. I call on you to use technology wisely in order to educate yourselves while at the same time keeping in touch with friends and families.

Do not let technology become your sole companion and be conscious that it cannot and should not be a surrogate to your parents and friends. You still need the guidance of your parents and other adults who have your well-being at heart. Do not use technology at the detriment of others.

As you grow up, learn to appreciate the values that your parents, teachers and spiritual leaders teach you. Let those same values of respect, love, obedience, understanding and compassion guide you to appreciate the simple things of life. Let those values become beacons of light for yourselves and your peers. Be creative, participate in recreational, cultural and sporting activities and build your character to become resilient against the various negative influences that your environment may throw at you. 

Childhood is the period to have fun and create happy memories but remember that it is also an important stage to set the goals you want to achieve later in life.

As a country, we strongly believe in the development of our children, giving them all the opportunities to participate in various activities and provide the various mediums to allow them to learn, thrive and develop their full potential.

I call on parents, caregivers and all support systems in place to be supportive and responsive to the needs of children. At each stage of their development, re-enforce the core moral and spiritual values that will shape them to be responsible towards self and others.

As we continue to confront the Covid pandemic, re-assure the children that they can depend on us adults to provide for them, to be there for them and take a stance to uphold their rights and ensure their well-being.

I wish all our children happiness and joy on this special day. I wish you courage and strength to realise your dreams.

Blessings always.


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