International Nurses Day 2021 Message by the President of the Republic, Mr. Wavel Ramkalawan

12 May 2021 | Health

This year on 12. May we are commemorating International Nurses Day at a time when our nurses are striving vigorously to provide the best treatment for all those infected by the Corona virus and also to prevent others from getting infected.

We are all aware that this is a demanding task. Many of the nurses themselves have been infected by the virus. Many caught the virus while discharging their gigantic duty and others while moving around in their community. However, no matter how the infection developed, the consequences on the health system remain the same. There are less nurses to deliver their work and provide the quality treatment necessary and in turn more nurses have to work additional hours under great risk, given the increased volume of responsibility lying on them.

In spite of these challenges, all the nurses continue to perform with body and soul, day and night. Their devotion, their patriotism, their professionalism move our people on the whole. With those nurses we are in good hands.

I would like to remind all Seychellois that during this COVID-19 pandemic, our nurses are not only working in hospitals or treatment centres at patients’ beds. They are also working in the administration, on the emergency line 141, in prevention and control of infection, in the monitoring and response services, at APDAR, in primary and secondary schools, at old peoples’ homes, at homes for people with mental illness, in clinics and private laboratories and many other locations. Even our Minister of Health is by profession a nurse. In our National Assembly we also see certain honourable members who bring the heart and compassion of a nurse into politics. The mission and vocation to help, make a difference - a nurse is a remarkable personality at all levels.

All this reflects the dimension of this extraordinary service the nurses are delivering in our country today and have delivered in years gone by.

I pay homage to this valuable contribution and I beseech all men and women who take up nursing as a profession to continue working hard and even harder to help our country leave this difficult situation we are in.

The nursing profession is one with an important voice – a strong voice to present a petition, a strong voice to educate, a strong voice to lead. The nursing profession characterizes the history of our health system and it will continue to characterize its future.

I wish all nurses courage during this pandemic and I pray to you all, continue raising the value of your noble vocation and the reputation of our health system.


Happy Nurses Day!


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